StepUp Health offers,

Accurate And Non Obstructive

Real-Time Respiration Monitoring



Post- Hospitalization and

Sleep Apnea

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What is Our Product?

StepUp Health is a wearable for medical use to measure useful vital parameters using the most recent advances in sensor technologies.


An Ambulatory Non-Invasive Ventilatory Measurement Device Measuring The Chest Expansion

In a nutshell
Chest Expansion


Compute ECG

Continuous Monitoring
    Respiratory Frequency

    Ventilation if calibrated

    Heart Rate

    Heart Rate Variability

    Activity Measurement

Assess Activity


Calculating lungs related vital signs

Home monitoring of patients with
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Assessment of treatment effectiveness of
asthmatic children and adults

Home monitoring for persons at risks with
symptoms of COVID

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At Home Patient Recovery Tracking and
Follow up on Health Progress

Our Product Comes With

A wearable sensor device comes with a mobile application.

You can wear our product as

Chest Strap

A Patch

In a T-Shirt

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