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Let’s Change How We

Monitor COPD

We create a system that is patients and doctors friendly. Your feedback matters to create an easy-to-use system. Let's create a better solution for COPD patients together.

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Remote monitoring

Without scheduling a new appointment, you can check up on your patient’s respiratory status. Our device will monitor COPD patient’s physiological parameters at home and detect exacerbation beforehand.  As a doctor, you can act immediately once the exacerbation is detected.

Indicator examples

  • FEV1/FVC Ratio
  • Spirometry test
  • Respiratory rate (RR)
  • Respiratory amplitude
  • ECG
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

…Coming soon

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We are always interested in healthcare professional’s opinion.
Your voice is a great input to create better COPD monitoring solutions.
If you are curious about collaborating with us or have any comments,
please write to us.

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