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Our wearable device combines sensor technology & AI interpretation software

Our technology

One-unit wearable device

100% non-invasive long-term monitoring without the need for various instruments 


Breathing and heart rate

Our sensors excel in monitoring respiratory and cardiac data, with a wide range of other vital signs


User-friendly application and dashboard

All health data are collected and sent to our easy-to-use platform, with a manageable overview of health patterns and changes 

Early Warning System

AI interpretation of vital signs data to assess patient’s health status and likelihood of hospitalization, ensuring timely interventions 

Introducing the Early Warning System 

Our AI-based interpretation software assesses the patient’s current health status and likelihood of hospitalization based on the respiratory and cardiac data sent from the device. This allows for timely interventions and prevention of exacerbations.

Experience a heightened sense of security and acknowledgement, without the need of a doctors’ interpretation and assessment.

How does it work?

1. Patient receives the device

Device is sent through mail and the StepUp Health application is easy to download

Wear up to 24 hours a day (except when charging)

Start recording on our user-friendly application

2. Healthcare providers gets access to health data

Data recorded is encrypted and safely stored in the cloud.

Enables healthcare providers to monitor patient’s condition and establish key trends in their disease progression

3. System alert when worsening

Early Warning System (EWS) alerts patient and doctor when exacerbation is predicted.

Allowing for timely interventions to avoid hospitalizations

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