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How you manage


How do you monitor yourself today? No one wants to be around doctors all the time, but you want to know when you need their help. This is where our device can help you.

It is a comfortable wearable device that monitors your vital signs and analyzes them for you. The algorithm will predict when you can expect an exacerbation and alert you to inform your doctor.

Our device will help you through

Self-awareness and confidence

You can closely check your disease condition and test your own disease management techniques

Early Warning System

Timely interventions will help you to recover faster from exacerbation

Check your condition without doctors

By wearing our device, you will be able to measure and check several health indicators without going to the doctor

Quality Of Life

Better disease management will improve your Quality of Life.

How does it work?

Put the device on for >1 hour a day

The device can be weared all day, except when charging.
The longer the session, the better overview of health patterns and changes.

Start session and monitor your health data in the app 

The application is easy-to-use and helps you keep track of your health patterns and changes. 

Get an immediate analysis and exacerbation alert 

Our software interprets your health data, and lets you know if your in risk of an exacerbation

Review the results with your doctor

If needed contact your doctor to review health data. They will know how to proceed with your treatment based on your results. 

Are you interested in our product?

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We are right now testing and finishing the development of our product. We are always looking for more user insights to create the best experience.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via email.

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